Our director, Mr Lim Kwong Khiew obtained his Licenced Plumber and started Evergloss Trading Enterprises in 1984. In the early years, Evergloss Trading Enterprises was involved with the plumbing & electrical works in numerous new construction. In the late-1980s, Evergloss has garnered a small customer base and focused on home plumbing services through referrals.


In late-1990s, Evergloss has successfully established a good relationship with numerous Managing Agent & GLC companies and foray in providing B2B and building maintenance services. In line with our vision to introduce innovation to Singapore’s plumbing industry, we started importing various technologies in our everyday work. A notable example will be our leakage detection equipment. We had successfully deploy the equipment to pinpoint the leakage point in many underground pipes, thus saving customers a few hundred thousand dollars in water wastage. We also gained PUB’s recognition and earn a reputation as a PUB recommended plumber in underground water leakage detection and repair.


Since 2020, we have worked with our partners (Aquarius Spectrum & ST Electronics) to install 900 hydrophonic leak monitoring sensors for PUB. The sensors are monitoring large water mains ranging from 500mm to 2200mm in diameter, and provide a leak localizing accuracy of +/-3m.


Our company mission is to deliver reliable and efficient plumbing services to all our customers, without compromising on quality and safety. Our customers are our most valuable asset and customer requirements come first. We will deliver a quality service that is second to none – reliably, efficiently and safely – every single time. This is reflected in our flexibility, both as individuals and as a business.


In line with our vision, we hope to explore water conservation and clean water technology in the near future. This will allow our customers, Evergloss and Singapore to progress together as a Green city.